The birth of Boss Liverpool

For my first few years in the city, it seemed like everything “fun” revolved around drinking; £3 bottles of Aldi’s finest vino or baked bean shots from Ca Va, as long as we couldn’t remember the night we weren’t fussy. One day I spotted an ad for fire dancing classes, and intrigued but terrified, I went along. I’m a shy person so the thought of walking into a class of strangers – even worse, strangers who could dance – filled me with dread. At least at university I had creative writing in common with peers. Alas, at the grand old age of 22 it was time to face my fear of lighters. No longer would piles of panically-discarded matches litter the fire place when Mum laid out her cathedral of candles each winter. And it was the best thing I could have done. I’m still terrified of matches and lighters, but at least I’m able to swing big balls of flaming paraffin towards my face. That day, I also conquered my fear of new people. Through this I made friends and acquaintances, who hung out in different places and did different things, and I discovered an alternative Liverpool. My aim with this blog is to review things going on under the radar which are overshadowed by commercialism and show you the real heart of the city.

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