Koo Jeong-A

Before I start, I should confess: I know nothing about art. I can’t decide whether Damien Hirst is an idiot or a genius, and my favorite piece of work is the lobster telephone. I occasionally suggest spending cultured afternoons in galleries and museums, but even from afar it’s obvious I’m not contemplating the piece because I’m yawning and complaining it’s rubbish and that I could have done that myself (yeah, I know I didn’t, Tracy Emin, but I really did get out of bed this morning and leave it unmade).

Neither am I a skateboarder. I went through a short phase of thinking I was, practicing on the smooth surfaces around the University of Liverpool campus, but I was crap and retired after, at 22, a friend said I was too old.

So I was skeptical about Koo Jeong-A’s new “art installation”, a glow in the dark skate hub in Everton Park. ‘What did she do, build some yay-high ramps and spray paint them and call it interactive artwork?’

But to be fair, South Korean-born Koo spent a year collaborating with the local Shewsy Youth club and wider skateboarding community, whose input guaranteed a space that skaters would actually enjoy. At almost three meters deep, it boasts one of the UK’s largest bowls.

Yoo describes her work as ‘poetry built with physical materials instead of words.’ And when I saw a photo taken at night, I understood what she meant. It’s lovely; diamond-shaped and glowing, and I can imagine skating it to be a dreamy experience.
By building in one of the city’s most deprived areas in collaboration with Liverpool Biennale, they hope to regenerate Everton and attract visitors further afield than Liverpool ONE.

So, I know I’ve previously said I will only be reviewing things I’ll actually try myself. And believe me, if I could skate I would, but I guess my first visit to Everton will have to surffice with some glowsticks.

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