Nolita Cantina

This page will focus primarily on reviewing quirky classes and events in the city – Independent Liverpool have got food and drink more than covered – but facing yet another pile of frozen chips and onion rings, I thought I’d share my absolute favorite place to eat in the ‘Pool.

Nolita Cantina, which sits at the top end of Bold St opposite FACT, was ‘born out of the mutual passion of two chefs looking to satisfy their appreciation and longing for traditional, homemade American style food.’ American diners are springing up all over the place, but Nolita Cantina doesn’t scream for attention the way others do. Share word of this place and people’s response is almost always: ‘Nah, Almost Famous is the one.’ But trust me, this place is being overshadowed, so if you fancy a treat this weekend read on.

Inside it’s cramped, and this boot-ay definitely won’t squeeze between tables. Punky-looking waitresses, great indie tunes and a wall adorned with postcards all add to the overall vibe.

As a teenager I worked at an Indian takeaway in Los Anglesey, and on my very first shift I dropped some chicken on the floor. The chef popped it back on the tray and sent me on my way, stirring the pot with a fag in the other hand. So as I tend to push away suspicions in favor of stuffing my face, the whole place being open-plan so I can see my meal being prepared is a bonus.

OTT hipster burgers has been in vogue for a while now. One place in the city uses lollipops to protect burger towers from collapse, whilst another offers delicacies such as Frazzles as a trimming.

I don’t even like beef burgers, but the Bacon & Blue option I always go for here is stunning. This isn’t just a blue cheese dressing, or a measly sliver – this is a bona fide hunk of stinky, furry glory, and comes with a mixture of regular and sweet potato hand-cut fries. Although the menu has since been updated, I’ve been assured that my burger is still available. The meat comes slightly pink and is so tender it literally crumbles in your mouth, though you’re free to request it cooked through. Although at around a tenner this meal isn’t as cheap as a Maccies, it’s worth every penny.

For sides we usually opt for onion rings which have the circumference of my thighs (and trust me, these are THIGHS). Try as I might to demolish this feast it’s always impossible despite my having the appetite of a growing boy, and the sorrow of letting stray fries go to waste is real. And the best part? Not a wooden board in sight.

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