The Duke Street Bazaar

The Duke Street Bazaar is one of those shops full of things you’ll never need, and a fun place to while away lazy afternoons. It sells an array of treasures, from antiques to cult sci-fi action figures, musical instruments, collectibles and “funky stuff”.

It boasts an excellent retro vinyl collection, but my favourite part is the vintage clothing and accessories sourced by Kitty and her Curious Orangeshop, who you’ll remember from Quiggins, along with retro-inspired handmade pieces by Flos Fancies.

Among the curiosities we found at the Duke Street Bazaar this weekend were a giant Jelly Baby, rowing oars and a deer someone couldn’t be bothered taxiderming and had just waited for it to decompose instead.

The Bazaar’s latest addition is a retro hair and beauty bar by Russell & Brown’s Vintage Hair, where you’ll find ‘great vibes – timeless tunes – fabulous hair’. Enjoy tea and biscuits served on fine china as you choose a ‘do from the 20s up to the 60s for a night on the town, wedding or even a photo shoot organized by the duo.

For more information visit

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