The Pooch Procession

What: Howl-oween Puppy Parade

Where: BrewDog, Colquitt St

When: Sunday November 1st 13:00

I knew I was justified in paying extra to live in the city center!  I am not above spending (not wasting – never wasting) hours of my life Youtubing dolled-up pets, and on Sunday November 1st I can roll out of bed, probably at 12:45, straight into… a pooch parade!

BrewDog and Pug Pride Liverpool are teaming up for a spooky Halloween event, inviting dogs of all shapes and sizes to meet at BrewDog for a Halloween Procession lead by a gang of thugs pugs, showing off their most terrifying outfits as they strut their stuff around town (remember, pooches: scary trumps slutty, especially if you haven’t de-fuzzed).cat2My parents used to own a Yorkshire Terrier named Sion that I was allergic to. In retaliation I would dress him in stylish outfits, from Santa Claus to cheerleader to lady bug, complete with feelers and wings. His fashion sense implied some gender confusion, so I tried to help him along with a green mohawk (don’t worry, only his pride was harmed – green deffo wasn’t his colour).

Dressing up pets is controversial, and I admit shaving a pooch’s entire torso just to make him look like Simba a little excessive – even if said pooch isn’t humiliated, it’s surely cold (if someone shaved my hooch I’d be cold too). But in honesty, I don’t see much wrong with doggy dress-up. Especially now it’s getting nippy, surely your pooch would rather be a taco than freeze its bollocks (RIP) off?

The walk will start and end at BrewDog where a stall by House Of Wagg full of outfits and accessories will temp your little fashionistas, and pawsome doggy treats and doggy beer (non-alcoholic) for those who want to drown out the ordeal. But don’t let your four legged friend have all the fun – grab your own hair of the dog for a barking rad time.

See you there/woof woof bark x

Too far...
Too far…

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