HeartBeat Community at the Brink

We had a great time last night helping the HeartBeat Community settle into their new home, the Brink! Deciding to make an evening of it, we headed down to our new favourite local a few hours early for some grub (goat cheese and fig samosas, spring onion and hake fish cakes) and lemonade of course.

At night, the Brink is a booze-free haven bursting with good vibes away from the mania of Saturday nights in the city centre.

There were some new additions to Rob’s box of toys, and obviously I lunged for the lemon maraca. Tip: stay away from the banana unless you want to look obscene… There was even some legitimate booty-popping, and the lovely staff joined in.

No worries if you couldn’t come along; Rob and his drums will be back next month from 8pm til 9:30pm (don’t worry, I’ll remind you).

Fruit or instruments?

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