What: INKbeat*

Where: 24 Kitchen Street

When: 22 October, 8:30pm – 11:30pm

INKbeat*……..? What’s that?! INKbeat* is a colossal clash of the worlds of abstract performance, visual art, and live as well as electronic music.

Held at Liverpool’s well loved underground haunt 24 Kitchen Street, the audience are invited to listen, spectate or if you’re game, draw the action.

This time INKbeat* throws itself headlong into the world of body modification, incorporating live body suspension into the physical show.


We aren’t sure what ‘live body suspension’ entails, but we’re really hoping it isn’t this. However we love all things wacky and morbid here at Boss Liverpool, so I suppose a human hanging from meat hooks is as good as anything else happening on Thursday night.

Physical dance performance will be delivered from the mysterious, faceless ‘Fantômes’ (ghosts – ta Google) and other strange AV parlor trickery from TV Lux and Frankii Phoenix see another layer of oddity added to the performance floor.

Fusing this world all together will be a musical journey from powerful psychedelic punk girl outfit Pink Kink, the dark minimal highly stylistic beats of Luci4 who has the best dreadlocks in town (seriously, check them out), and the vivid soundscapes of BEAR aka Bandito Rey’s Davy Murphy.

‘See it, hear it, snap it, sketch it, shoot it.’

So basically, we aren’t totally sure what to expect, because ‘abstract’ and ‘immersive’ are those annoying words found in art galleries and we already know Boss Liverpool’s feelings on art galleries. Come along with an open mind for some art installations, movement, lights, projections and other mysterious, potentially boss stuff.

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