Retro Sundays at Leaf

What: Pillbox Vintage retro & vintage fair

Where: Leaf, Bold St

When: 11-5pm, free entry

Gone are the days of turning our noses up at charity shops; re-label goods as vintage, and old school becomes cool. Unlike fashions out of date by next week because Vogue says so, thanks to the vintage craze, it’s fashionable to be unfashionable; the further it pre-dates popping out of your Ma’s loins, the more appealing – and usually, pricier.

So we’re looking forward to checking out the vintage & retro fair at Leaf this weekend, hosted by mother and daughter duo Pillbox Vintage. The pair are passionate about the past, hosting events at interesting and unique venues where guests can grab timeless pieces at affordable prices. They source and stock only the best vintage and retro clothing and accessories, hand selecting choice pieces from across the eras, spanning the 1920’s.

We at Boss Liverpool enjoy trawling through vintage shops for about five minutes, but are often dismayed by the prices, and although one of a kind is great, it’s only great if it actually fits. The clothes are sometimes garish, and we rarely find anything we’d ever actually wear, but nonetheless they’re fascinating to trawl through.There’s something intriguing about vintage; did someone fall in love wearing that dress? Get her first period in it? Die in it? There’s a morbid fascination in knowing there’s a very good chance the person who once owned the piece is long departed, much like canned laughter.

There’s also a sweet sentimentality in that pieces are hand sourced; it’s one of the few reproductions to survive all these years, and it’s being handed down especially to you (preferably not to ruin with your first period).

Thanks to Pillbox Vintage, on the last Sunday of every month you’ll find a treasure trove of vintage & retro goodies from a selection of stalls offering everything from reworked vintage designs to collectibles and retro homeware.

For the perfect retro Sunday, have vintage afternoon tea (booking is essential: 0151 707 7747). We at Boss Liverpool won’t be joining in (irrational fear of tea – what if it burns and we can’t talk ever again?) – but you’re welcome to toss some cake our way.

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