The Secret Circus – The Rocky Horror Circus Show!

When: October 28th 8pm

Where: Studio 2, Parr St

The Secret Circus is a monthly variety show hosted by performers and soul sisters Eve Howlett and Chanel Samson.

Each event is themed, ranging from ‘Pirates Ahoy!’ to ‘Sunshine and Lollipops’. It’s where I did my first performance with the Jazz-esque troupe in front of the most supportive audience you could ask for.

Notable acts have included comedy trio Legion of Doom, a dance lesson from Mersey Swing and the most, err…memorable… burlesque ever, by Dorothy Krueger & Monkey.

Dorothy Krueger & Monkey
Dorothy Krueger & Monkey

Proceeds go to back to the acts, leaving limited funds to create the Circus itself, but the girls always create fun themed décor despite limited resources.

To begin next week’s Halloween festivities the event is Rocky Horror themed, welcoming sweet transvestites, PVC and gold hot pants. Check out this cracking line-up:

Spoken Word: Izzy Sowley, Rikki Wiley

Tilly Mint

Comedy Ghost stories:
Thaddius Bent of the Legion of Doom

‘Disturbed’ Turkish belly dancing:
Helen Nasheeta Rawlinson

Alastair Clark

Horror Burlesque:
Daria Lee – Horror Performer

Comedy sketches:
Jim Alsbalstian’s Human Zoo

Felix Hagan
Indigo Moon

The Secret Circus is one of my favorite events and an absolute bargain at £3. Get down early for a good seat – see you there!



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