INKbeat*: the review

24 Kitchen Street was packed full of creatives on Thursday night. I hadn’t known quite what to expect, and many people wielded paint brushes, pencils and spray cans, but I decided to just observe this time because I’m rubbish at art.

The night was kicked off by self-proclaimed ‘psycho tropical bubble pop’ threesome Pink Kink, fun loving yet formidable dames.
                            Pink Kink
Luci4 (the one whose hair I mentioned) was hand picked for his minimal yet heavy atmospheric drum and bass to accompany the body suspension of tattoo artist and nutcase, Norwegian Alex ‘Panda’ Trowell. I’m not squeamish; the only thing I recall ever needing to turn off was a horrific clip of kittens being stomped by Chinese ladies in heels. I couldn’t watch the performance but couldn’t look away either, and won’t be eating beef for a while. Nonetheless, I was fascinated and hope someone less skint than me bought that man a beer.

12039766_1019804691405578_9020597837684015555_nBEAR accompanied the INKbeat* Fantômes as they patiently allowed spray painters to slowly destroy their lungs, before shadow dancing and posing very still is very ambitious poses so arty types could sketch.

Normske’s performance was delivered with her own exciting AV art mix, whilst DJ Paris brought the show to a close.  AV artist TV LUX infused performances with live capture and streaming to analogue monitors stacked in the middle of the performance arena.

Head over to for a live stream of the night, especially the suspension act.


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