Fiesta de los Muertos

When: Saturday 7-8pm

Where: Constellations, 35-39 Greensland St L10BS

Join Bring the Fire Project this Halloween as they show us there’s more to Mexico than nachos and those weird upside down exclamation marks. “Fiesta de los Muertos” will take you on a journey through the streets of Mexico, on a spiritual adventure of love and lust through the land of the dead. Become mesmerised by Lady Caterina and her ethereal skeleton hombres overlooking her devious plans for destruction.

The show is directed by Szymon Mamys, who actually taught me fire dancing as well as countless others. His performances are seamless, and he puts his heart and soul into sharing his passion. He explained of the performance, ‘Sharing the power of fire and flow arts is a big thing in this community and it seemed like a natural thing to do… My job is to stimulate development of this community and create opportunities for everyone and hopefully this coming event will help.’

The great thing about fire shows is they rarely last over an hour, so this donation-based spectacle is a perfect way to warm up the festivities before heading to your respective Halloween parties, the nearby Camp & Furnace or taking the two minute walk to town.

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