The ridiculous Scouse bucket list

I’ve introduced various Couchsurfers to the delights Liverpool has to offer and have started a comprehensive list of the most boss attractions for visitors who have traveled across the land to soak up its culture.

  1. Listen to the old bloke singing ‘move, bitch, get out the way!’ at the Pilgrim open mic. Every. Single. Week.

2. Do the Rocky run up the Metropolitan cathedral steps.

3. Do a baked bean tequila shot at CaVa.

4. Drink from the holy fountain in St James’s Gardens and hope nobody’s recently urinated in it.

5. Have your photo taken with the gloriously tasteless Titanic boat in the Albert Dock.


6. Visit the Black Rabbit to admire the stuffed dog wearing a gold chain and sunglasses. And the stuffed rabbit being ridden by a stuffed gerbil.

7.  Give old Eleanore a big hug whilst insisting she’ll never be lonely when you’re around and does she fancy a bevvy?

8. Gas with your pal in Luche Libre’s double cubicle whilst letting out the gas of those burritos.

Don’t let Tourist Information tell you otherwise; these are all destinations of cultural value. Keep Liverpool’s rich heritage alive by passing knowledge along, and don’t forget to message us with your own suggestions!

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