The Secret Rocky Horror Show: a review

We went along to the Secret Circus on Parr St last night, after many reassurances that my pal didn’t look massive after eating her flatmate’s fish and chip leftovers and how the whole point of a corset is you can eat fish and chips and still look fit anyway.

Thaddeus by Justine Zoe Photography

It was a full house as usual with latecomers perched on the floor for lack of seating.

Highlights included comedy ghost stories by Thaddius Bent of the Legion of Doom, who proved he can hold his own as an individual comic. Creative and professional, it was disappointing that he needed to acknowledge someone in the front row fiddling with their phone who continued all night. Later on, someone nearer the back conducted an unsubtle telephone call DURING AN EXTREMELY LOW KEY ACT AND WE ALL NOTICED. These performers have put a huge deal of work into creating acts to entertain YOU, so don’t be so freaking disrespectful, people.

I wasn’t a fan of comic Rikky Wiley, partly because I didn’t find him funny and partly because he made fun of the thing I’m really conscious about so now I’m biased anyway.

Helen Rawlinson by Justine Zoe Photography

*Breathe* I also enjoyed the Turkish belly dancing by Helen Nasheeta Rawlinson, who oozed energy and got several audience members on their feet.

Although there were some student-centric laughs from Frank Foucault – I totally put the washing powder in every compartment so I can’t get it wrong too! – the German accent and “heil Hitler” didn’t really do it for me, because I have a rule that you can only joke about terrible things 100 years after they’ve happened – which is why the tasteless sinking Titanic boat in the Docks is fine.

Daria Lee’s horror act proved you don’t have to get your kit off in burlesque, whilst the audience were also thoroughly grateful to Tilly Mint for doing with her Alice Cooper vampire act (poor Tilly got a mouthful of glitter but handled it like a pro).

Tilly Mint by Marie Fletcher
Tilly Mint by Marie Fletcher

Alastair Clark returned, without the world’s greatest gold pants but an impressive handlebar moustache. He’s openly discussed his issues with mental health in past performances and the biggest laugh came thanks to a recent scathing review from an 18 year old “director” ABOUT A COMIC OPENLY BATTLING DEPRESSION. Way to send a guy other the edge, nobhead.Eve also did a cracking job of hosting without her partner in crime Chanel, who has temporarily had to return to the US.

Eve by AP Photography

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