Where are you buying your last-minute Halloween costumes?

Mates, what is with this queuing down to Concert Square and waiting for security guards to grant you entry into Smiffy’s?

There’s another brilliant fancy dress shop in town in the form of Lili Bizarre which has a huge collection of professional costumes; the shop adjoining Bumper on Hardman St didn’t close down contrary to popular belief, just moved to larger premises a stone’s throw from Primark (although please bring back the pink). The staff are lovely too, unlike Smiffy’s where I’ve always found them pretty unenthusiastic and general cranks.

Alternatively, visit the legendary Quiggins where you’ll find the exact same face paint and such for a fraction of the Smiffy’s price (mad contact lenses in the shop to your left of the entrance, face paint and a fabulous range of glitter, false eyelashes etc straight ahead. You’re welcome).

Smiffy’s costumes are terrible quality at hugely inflated prices – usually in the region of £35 – and you’ll always find the exact same costumes in unopened packaging on eBay for around £10-£15.

Also check out Oxfam on Bold St, which has the most fabulous range of fancy dress costumes, ranging from the insane to what we suspect are genuine stripper cast-offs. During regular visits over the past couple of weeks we’ve found countless costumes by the likes of Ann Summers, and several beautiful corsets from around £6 each. There’s also a huge selection of wedding dresses, some already decorated with blood, so you can be a zombie/virgin bride.

Here are photos of myself and a friend last night wearing corsets for the first time to the Rocky Horror themed Secret Circus at Studio 2. We bought others with gorgeous designs, but black seemed like a safe way of easing ourselves in. We’d love to know what you’ve dug up, so send in pics!

Alex only let me take this pic after a few bevvies and will almost certainly rage that’s it up, but doesn’t she look amazing?
Me being decapitated for Halloween. This is one of those shorter corsets that doesn’t actually cover your boobs, so I might wear it with nipple tassels next time…

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