From Glastonbury to Liverpool

When: Friday Nov 6th – Sat 7th, 9pm- 2am

Where: Camp + Furnace


Anyone who wasn’t busy ommming in a Glastonbury teepee will be familiar with legendary late-night destination of Shangri La:

‘Its vast interactive installations are brought to life by a creative team of over 1,500 crew, performers and artists. Renowned for its influence, originality, artistic quality and attention to detail, this is a fantasy world to fall into, with layers upon layers to explore.’

I’ve tried explaining Shangri La to friends, and the best I’ve managed is being somewhere between a city within city which also looks like a cross between a theme park and an insane club. Whatever it is, it’s the epicenter of all things crazy, and place where a host dressed as the devil discusses how great ketamine is (didn’t air that, did ya BBC?) I suppose this was Shangri Hell but we’re still obliged here at Boss Liverpool to say we don’t condone drugs, especially the kind made for horses.

SHANGRILATI promises Liverpool, ‘A premium festival experience, of performing arts, fire, lasers and music.’  We’re keep to get our hands on tickets because let’s face it, late-night club toilets are grim but not Glasto grim.


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