Emilio Pinchi EP launch at the Lantern Theater

You might have noticed I’ve been AWOL and you’ve not been bombarded by posts on social media the past week. That was due to a slight Halloween meltdown and also my mum is in hospital with a blood clot and may need her finger amputated (the one that’s best for picking your beak, noooooo).

I’m trying to throw posts together, and they’re coming in drips and drabs so please bear (/bare? can never decide) with me. Anyway. I was indulging in Made In Chelsea to cheer myself up and realized I totally forgot an EP launch at the Lantern Theater I was well excited for so now I’m bummed about that on top of thinking JP is a twat.


Anyway. Some people are totally on it when others suggest new music to them but I am not one of these people because I generally have to choose something for it to be a good idea. I’m also crap at describing music other than it being good/shite/the lead singer has really cool hair. But I am wise nonetheless, so check out Emilio Pinchi! He does a really good cover of Pumped Up Kicks if that helps! Everybody likes that song! And a good Italian. He does that funny thing with his hand to express anything remotely Italian including his surname ‘BEEENKY’ x

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