Tokyou, Berry St

It’s been a perfect autumn day of wandering through the leaves in St James’s Cemetery, through the Baltic Triangle to the Alien Sex Club exhibition as part of Homotopia festival, then on to Tokyou to fill our bellies. I’ve only been here once and the realisation my plate was piled with tofu may as well have meant maggots, but I was in a selfless (and skint, obv) mood so to Tokyou we went.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of Oriental restaurants because back home on Anglesey everybody had their birthday parties at a Chinese banquet and a couple of years ago the establishment got closed down because the Food Standards Agency found seagulls in the freezer.

Anyway, I realize every Scouser knows the glories of Tokyou and this post will not offer an interesting new perspective but OH MY GOD IT’S SUCH GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.  I’m rubbish at taking photos so it doesn’t do justice to how big the portion was. I paid £3.90 for chicken and veg wok fried noodles in black bean sauce; I hate not clearing my plate but even with a man to hoover up the leftovers it couldn’t be done. El boyfriend’s crispy aromatic duck with rice was a little pricier and didn’t quite fill him up, but it was very tasty. The noodle dishes are definitely the best value, making it possible to eat out on a genuinely tight budget. You can also buy a bottle of beer for a couple quid.

I have to emphasise, you are paying for good, wholesome grub here. You sit yourself and your order is taken by a sullen waitress. Service is quick, though meals and sides come out in drips and drabs, and you’re handed the bill as soon as you’re finished – wham, bam, see you Mam.

The service lets Tokyou down, so it’s not the kind of place you feel obliged to tip (no I’m not just saying that because I’m stingy thank you very much). It’s cozy inside so the waitress with a chopstick up her arse can rain on your parade if you let her, but for that price I don’t really care.

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