The Font

I’ve been going to the Font since my very first week in Liverpool six years ago, when my student halls were right next door (the ones which used to be a maternity hospital where John Lennon was born so there were always tourists lurking outside). Just behind the Everyman, it’s mostly full of students from next door or Liverpool Uni (boo hiss).

We would crawl in at 3pm after a big night for the breakfast they thoughtfully kept up all afternoon, and I still stand by it being the best hangover cure in the city. The manager still remembers me chewing his ear off covered in UV paint and legless on my way somewhere dazzlingly fun and hip.

I remember my parents making me keep a rape alarm as a fresher, which was attached to my key. A friend was fiddling to work out what it was and set the thing off during the football, a deafening shriek which every single football fan noticed with annoyance when we couldn’t turn it off.

What makes the Font boss is its massive cocktail menu (my favourite is the strawberries and cream), many of which are just £2. I have also never had bad food there. I’ll usually go for the chicken Ceasar wraps (£3.75) and a pile of curly fries (£1.50).

The menu is extensive, the quality consistently good. I’ve never thought the beef burgers were much cop though, so maybe veer away from those.

There are also some nice-sounding salads – not that I would ever choose a salad – like stilton, apple and smoked bacon, or goats cheese and walnut. The potato skin special is awesome and available as a sharer.

Brie, cranberry & bacon sandwich – didn’t have time to construct an arty photo because food.

There are several consoles and arcade games, the jewel in the crown being Mario Kart on a huge protector screen and it’s FREE! You can race while you wait, although the service is so quick you’re probably better off waiting ’til the drinks are in. This is a great place to chill out with pals, or even for a laid-back date (and if you’re in halls, your place is only next door! Boom).

I want to be neutral but despite the emotional attachment I genuinely can’t fault this place, other than the ladies toilets never ever being flushed for some reason. The place has a real youth hostel vibe with its cozy sofas and cool music (from the Stone Roses to the Pixies, I even follow their whopping playlist on Spotify), which is great unless you’re no longer a youth (sob).


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