Mindfulness Liverpool

Where: Mindfulness Liverpool Studios, floor 4, The Gostins Building, 36-38 Hanover Street L1 4LN

How much: £5 per class

Yoga Dave is one of my favourite people. I didn’t believe in yoga – if I was going to exercise, I was going to suffer as much as possible at the gym in front of attractive people who do squats for fun. But Dave seemed nice, and I was curious about what could make a person so nice, so I gave it a go anyway.


A crazy thing happened at my first class – I enjoyed myself. I didn’t feel ridiculous for being the least bendy person and needing to stop constantly. He understood that everybody was at their own level, even if yours was collapsed on the floor. The last 20 minutes were dedicated to meditation/nap time, and I was overcome with peace walking home.

The studio is warm and cozy, the exercise gentle (especially if you collapse before your 45 second pose is up). I have taken a couple of friends along or recommended it to others, and every single one has said how lovely Dave is. He is exactly what I imagine an enlightened being to be like and his good vibes are infectious.

I remember a day I was RAGING before class, and as someone with serious anger issues, I forced myself, just this once, to wait until after class before taking it out on someone. I was so grateful to Dave – partly thanks to his guidance, partly because he is a really calming influence – I managed to accept my thoughts and let them go. He has this knack of reminding you that no matter what’s going on, all that really matters is you’re still breathing. He’s playful and always has this massive grin, and tells you to smile, and you end up actually wanting to smile.

Classes are drop in, which I particularly like; if you just want to go once a month to get your head straight, that’s fine.

I’ve got myself stuck in a rut lately and stopped attending, but I miss Dave and the way the sessions make me feel. They bring me back to base, like I can carry on after all, and his regular little Facebook encouragements are wise and make me think.


I’ve also given Mindfulness Tuesdays a go, where attendees can get comfortable in chairs or on a yoga mat/blanket/cushion on the floor. ‘Each session looks at a different topic or theme related to mindfulness – always fresh and interesting but still with a strong focus on the foundational practices’. I didn’t know this, because I made the mistake of going for my trusty blanket and falling asleep. The thought of being alone with my thoughts scares me, but others I know have said the sessions are brilliant; there’s someone in particular I’ve seen a beautiful change in, so I’m thinking of giving it another go.

More than any recommendation, though, what speaks the most for Dave is his desire to make sessions as accessible as possible. He regularly welcomes people to these sessions for free or for a concessionary amount, so if you can’t afford to pay for any reason but would still like to come you’re encouraged to contact him and book a place (mindfulnessliverpool@outlook.com).

Dave currently teaches Mindfulness for several different organisations, including Tom Harrison House, a specialist facility providing addiction treatment exclusively to military veterans, reservists, emergency personnel, and their families. He teaches several different kinds of yoga, including Yoga for People with Limited Mobility (Good Guy Dave).

Anyway, I hope I’ve convinced you to go along for just one session as I truly believe you’ll understand where I’m coming from.


















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