The Bagelry, China Town

Wander through the Chinese arch and amidst dubious-looking restaurants you’ll find The Bagelry, Liverpool’s first bagel place. I haven’t eaten a bagel in years because I heard they’re made of FIVE compressed pieces of bread and I’d rather eat five pieces of bread.

To quote my pal Alex #2, the place is “dauntingly fashionable” in all its understated glory and apparently ornamental box of tangerines/satsumas/clementines at the counter.

The ordering process is all a bit complicated, so I took the recommendation of a rye bagel with caper, dill, gherkin and lemon. Turns out you choose from a range of bagels, from salted jalapeño to raisin & cinnamon. There are sweet, savoury, special and experimental options, ranging from spinach & green tea to red wine created to accompany intense cheeses (Cheesus!). A step-by-step ‘Bagels for dummies’ system would be helpful and make you feel more hip.

bagel 3

Then you choose a topping. Who knew caper isn’t a fish? And God knows what dill is. The bagel was warm and fresh, but the jury is still out on the topping. It had a peculiar taste, though I didn’t dislike it. I think I was suspicious because I couldn’t picture a caper in my head. I should have chosen my own, maybe the basil pesto. Or maybe not being that big on bagels in general has something to do with it (the effort of demolishing something chewy vs. effortlessly eating five pieces of bread argument). Basically this is the most useless food review ever.


It’s a mixed bag what you’ll find on a given day, but browsing The Bagelry’s social media pages, the winter squash, coconut and coriander soup sounds pretty good, if terribly healthy. There’s also the beet bagel, and I’ve never had a pretzel but Welsh cheddar and broccoli/kale sounds like a good place to start.


The Bagelry’s menu is limited at the moment, but I’d hope to see more substantial options in the future in the form of filled bagels and maybe a meaty option.

Bagels are hand crafted, boiled and baked on the premises; the dough is made from untreated organic Shipton Mill flour, and only the best ingredients are used. So basically, if there’s a bagel-shaped hole in your heart you’ll love this place!









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