The Secret Diners Club

Aged 19, I had a boyfriend who’d saved his money for Valentine’s Day. Trying to make a reservation at a swish restaurant in the business district, he was answered with: ‘Not for you, sir.’ I kid you not. I didn’t know arsewipe Scousers even existed.

The Secret Diners Club is a unique dining concept that takes fine dining away from the rigid framework of high-end restaurants; the founders want to take diners out of their comfort zone to unconventional locations around the city centre, though personally it’s the restaurants themselves I find intimidating. By using unusual locations, the concept of pop-up eateries makes fine dining accessible to those who ordinarily wouldn’t step inside a fancy shmansy restaurant. Thanks to the Secret Diners Club, fine dining needn’t just represent creativity in the kitchen.


Locations remain undisclosed to guests right up until the day of the event. The menu is also kept secret, and throughout the meal guests are encouraged to interact and guess the courses on blank menus handed out at the start of service; once pudding is served, the real menu is handed out and guests compare and debate their answers with fellow diners.


For the last event, at a disused train station, diners were greeted at Lime Street and handed tickets to Edge Hill. Locations are always taken into account when curating menus, so for the last event, the menu focused on the import and export trade.

To find out how you could get tickets to the Secret Diners Club you must follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Alternatively, email to find out about future events. One thing’s certain though, tickets sell out in a flash, so if you are lucky enough to spot announcements in time grab them  while you can!

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