Is the glass really half full?


This is the question that’s plagued the people of Philosophy in Pubs for centuries, a nationwide grass roots community organisation promoting and practising community philosophy. Discussions take place regularly in venues across the country, and Liverpool has the most community philosophy groups per capita worldwide because we’re so wise.

Respect is a fundamental requirement so people can put forward their views without fear of ridicule or intimidation (everybody has their limits though). No academic or philosophical background is necessary, so this may be the place to share your LSD musings (maybe leave out the hilarious anecdote about how octopuses can wear all their favourite shoes every day because they have so many legs they don’t have to choose hahahahahaha). 

Anyone can attend and it’s free, bar the price of pork scratchings and a voluntary donation. Meetings are informal and structured around a certain topic. Here is Liverpool’s schedule:

The spectre of Jeremy Corbyn: what are people afraid of? – Bluecoat – 08/12 1pm

Moral Panics – Keith’s Wine Bar, Lark Lane – 8/12 7pm

Can loyalty and equality coexist? – The Greyhound, Ormskirk – 10/12 7:30pm

Should our morality extend to non-humans? – The Friday Forum, Abercromby Square – 11/12 2pm

Conscience – Casa Bar, Hope St – 12/12 11am

Magical thinking! – The Crown Hotel, Lime St – 14/12 2:30pm

Love? – Keith’s Wine Bar, Lark Lane – 15/12 7:15pm

Is religion the sigh of the oppressed creature? – The Crown Hotel, Lime St – 21/12 2:30pm

What is peace? – The Perch Rock Hotel, Wallasey – 21/12 7pm

What is consciousness? – Lakeview Kiosk, Newsham Park – 06/01/16 1pm

Why philosophers do philosophy! – The Crown Hotel, Lime St – 11/01/16 2:30pm

Poloitical Philosophy – The Perch Rock Hotel, Wallasey -18/01/16 7pm

Cellular Memory? –  The Crown Hotel, Lime St – 02/02/16 6:45pm

Beyond the Pleasure Principle –  The Crown Hotel, Lime St – 01/03/16 6:45pm

As you can see a lot of these are at really random times of day, presumably for full-time wise asses or alcoholics. I’m not sure I’d fit in but I might go along to ‘Love?’ or the one about morality to non-humans and listen to the vegans.

If you’re interested, there’s absolutely loads of information at



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