Matchbox Comedy Club

When: Wednesday 8pm

Where: Lantern Theatre, Blundell St

How much: £3 advance

Liverpool is oddly lacking in stand-up comedy, and prices are often a joke. We haven’t been along to this monthly event yet, but have heard good things and that the Lantern is a lovely venue. This is what they have to say for themselves.

Matchbox Comedy Club presents a monthly line up of “outside of the box” funny. Every single one of the acts on our bill comes with our personal recommendation. Like an overexcited psychopath child with a butterfly collection, we’ve stuffed a bunch of our favourite comedy people into a matchbox and put them on display. It’s a carefully curated living museum of funny.

Daft ball of energy Jack Evans brings us stand up that ricochets from madcap to cerebral. A captivating stage presence, off kilter jokes from the acerbic to odd.

Also joining us will be the “impish” Edy Hurst, a performer known for his sweetly silly wordplay, whimsical songs and ridiculous characters. Winner of Tickled Pig 2013, “oddball” Edy brings us abstract-ish comedy jokes and a smiling face.

Our final act is offbeat and ultra-surreal character act Frank Foucault. Welsh Unsigned Stand up Awards Finalist 2015, “meek” and “bizarre” Frank is a low key explosion of inventive ideas disguised as utter nonsense.

I don’t know too much about Matchbox Comedy, except that Alastair Clark will be your compère who’s entertaining with an equally entertaining moustache, so you won’t go far wrong.


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