Exit Strategy

Where: 69 Victoria St, L1 6DE (oppsite the Millennium Gym)

The concept of Exit Strategy is suspiciously similar to Breakout, and both are located a stone’s throw from each other. However, since we were a little disappointed with Breakout, we’re open to giving it a go. 

Exit Strategy is located in the cells of Liverpool’s old magistrates’ court building, which in itself makes us want to check it out.

Both use the concept of interactive games, each set within a story inside its own room. There you’ll find hidden objects and clues. Part theatre, part puzzle, you’ll use your skills to crack the codes and lead you to your escape within a 60 minute time limit. Each group has a maximum of 5 members. 

Exit Strategy currently only offers one room, The Illuminati: 

Ziggy Roswell is the kind of person who’ll believe any conspiracy theory as long as there’s an ominous soundtrack (just like us). Everybody thought he was nuts, and now he’s gone missing. It’s up to you to sift through his man cave for clues about whether shape-shifting intergalactic lizards really use wifi to enslave the human mind.

If conspiracies aren’t your thing a second game is on its way, and Nostromo claims to be the largest and most immersive escape room in the UK.

The more people who play Breakout the cheaper it is per person, meaning it’s generally expensive unless you take five people.

Exit Strategy has a set price of £15 per person. Throughout December they also have a special offer  of ‘pay for 3 – bring up to five!’ Although 3 or 4 people would be our ideal number, it’s a good deal – split the £45 five ways and pay £9 each.

At Breakout, we chose one of the hardest rooms which turned out to be a bit inaccessible, so a couple of us dawdled and felt left out. As there’s only one Exit Strategy room, we’re interested to find out how difficult it is as the website doesn’t specify what ages it’s appropriate for. 

The game is the brainchild of father-son duo Jack and John Crump, and judging by their blog, the pair are seriously bonkers about escape rooms. They recently visited escape room world capital Budapest, squeezing in 10 games in two days. These guys have experience and know what makes a good game; they understand atmosphere, story structure and how challenging is too damn challenging. 




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