When: Thursday 28th Jan – Saturday 30th Jan, 7:30pm/Saturday matinee 2.30pm

Where: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

How much: All tickets £12*

BossLiv never advocates visiting wool country, but we’re pleased someone is attempting to make us forget the shame that was the original Scousewives on Channel 4.

‘Pullin’ a Christmas Cracker’ comes hot on the heels of the hit autumn prequel Desperate Scousewives. This comedy by Lynne Fitzgerald tells the tale of some Scouse birds and a bloke called Jay, and the premise is more dramatic than Concert Square on a Tuesday morning.

However, we like how unashamedly honest and well, Scouse, the characters are: there’s Vanessa, who’s knocked up (even Santa doesn’t know who’s it is); escaped con Jay is convinced the sprog is his and wants to see it pop out; whilst Trisha is determined that nobody will spoil the holidays for her and her brood as she celebrates their first Christmas away from her abusive ex.

It’s a shame this wasn’t actually on during December as it would have been a boss festive outing with the girls, but if you’re in denial about starting that diet it’s an opportunity to whip out the hideous jumper and matching hair curlers (genuinely know of a girl who bought multiple colours of rollers before moving here for uni).



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