Arthur Smith: Mindlessness for Beginners


When: January 7th 19.30pm

Where: 81 Renshaw

How much: £7/£5 in advance, £8/£6 on the door (almost sold out so we heavily recommend buying online).

Want to find peace of mind but can’t be arsed to get up early for yoga? Would rather be in the pub than chanting naked up a mountain? Too tired for a spiritual journey? Then come to this show and have it all done for you by mindlessness hipster guru Arthur Smith.

We’ve given mindfulness meditation a couple of attempts but fallen asleep having paid for the classes, so were intrigued about the world premier of ‘Mindlessness for Beginners’ by stand-up comic Arthur Smith.

This intimate venue is one of few in the city where comics can perform their extended acts, so buy a ticket to make sure it becomes a regular occurrence – because there’s more to stand-up than John Bishop at the Echo.

Following Arthur there’s a break where you can replenish with tea/vodka and are invited to return for Funny Looking Live; an extension of the two live shows seen as part of the Liverpool Comedy Festival, expect conversation, call-ins and nonsense deluxe during a live podcast.

We heard December’s act ‘As Funny as Cancer’ by Beth Vyse evoked some tears, so we’re intrigued about what else is in store. The lineup includes:

Thurs Feb 4th – Holly Burn v Kirsty K
Thurs March 3rd – Chris Coltrane: An Hour Of Tory-Smashing Comedy
Thurs April 7th – Michael J Dolan : The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan

For tickets visit



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