Where: The Florrie, Toxteth

I first came across Freefall at the Liverpool Fire Arts Festival back in May. Nick Hunt and his team had set up a static trapeze, aerial hoop and silks from the warehouse roof and were inundated with visitors wanting a go, me included (I was in a short skirt and Nick’s right-hand man kindly lent me a pair of trackies). They were incredibly patient and encouraging, but I was still amazed they got my fat arse up there.

Former gymnast Nick began aerial training a decade ago as a means of keeping fit after a period of illness. The silks and aerial hoops at Freefall are particularly popular with women because they have a feminine, flirty feel, but personally I found the trapeze easiest and most enjoyable – you feel like a total boss once you’re all the way up there.

Weekly classes kick off again on Tuesday 5th January and are limited to 12 students to ensure everybody is safe and given adequate attention to nurture their skills.

Beginners Aerial classes run 7.20-8.50pm on Tuesdays and 6-7pm Thursdays. Youth Circus sessions are 4:30-6pm Tuesdays, whilst open sessions run 1-3pm Saturday.

Member drop-ins are £12 per class and £15 for non-members, with deals available if you book a block of four. Free membership is also offered to those in full-time education or on benefits, which is nice of them.

These classes are a top way of improving core and upper body strength, so get up off your arse and try something completely random this year!


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