The Brunch Club

I’ve wanted to try the Brunch Club on Duke St for ages because as a place specialising in a meal which only exists on Sex and the City, it better be damn good. Lo and behold, we crawled out of bed and made it there by 11:45 for actual BRUNCH!

Inside was packed and we were lucky to snap up a table. From then on there was a wait and costumers could sit at the bar, although it hopefully said good things about the food and not the fact the serviced apartments upstairs were full of hungover stags and hens.

It seemed like the food took ages but I’ve been on a diet so my perception of time and space is distorted from lack of cheese; according to the boyfriend it took around 15 mins.

My eggs Benedict were tasty, although I’ve never had them so had nothing to compare with. £6.50 was a fair price, although I would have liked a slightly bigger muffin to mop up all that golden goodness.


But it was Tom’s full English that stole the show. Man, that bread looked like it would give your taste buds a bear hug. The ingredients were of top quality and the black pudding was so good it made you forget what was in it, including calories.


We’re wary of coughing up steep prices for breakfast after a disastarous meal at the Pumphouse (£9!!!!) but at £7.50, this was great value considering the quality of ingredients.  To quote, ‘the sausage was lovely, the mushrooms were lovely, the bread was lovely, the cappuchino was lovely…everything was lovely.’ For that reason, we’d have no qualms paying £7.50 again.

The only bad part of the experience involved Tom convincing me the toilet door had hinges on both sides and girls had to push to the right because they’re never wrong.

If you do show up on a hangover and need some hair of the dog to get you going (swear it works) they offer ‘retox’ cocktails – boozy smoothies that still have 2 of your 5 a day so you’re cancelling out every trace of damage to your body. Amazing.

You can go to Spoons for a cheaper breakfast, and to be honest it won’t make much difference after a night on the baked bean tequila. But if you’re after more than a grease hit, give this place a go – it’s boss.





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