Sleepout in the Cathedral

When: Saturday 2nd April

Where: Anglican Cathedral

Registration fee: £5 per person

The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool’s leading homeless charity, and Liverpool Cathedral, an iconic landmark that tourists and Scousers alike use to pee inhave come together to realise a dream of a Sleepout in the Cathedral.

It’s worth noting before anything that this event is geared primarily towards kids, who are often more generous than adults so it’s good to start them young. We got dead excited and might have looked suspicious sleeping in a sea of kids.

The event’s aim is to put an end to homelessness by emulating the conditions a person might endure without a warm, cosy bed. It will be an educational experience for kids, and a humbling one for adults – it’ll put the priesthood off kids for life.

Fundraising also contributes to repairing the cathedral roof, which was clever of the Powers That Be (not God, he’s boss). To put it poetically: it’s about promoting the homeless people who don’t have a roof over their heads, and making sure the church keeps one over theirs.

By Marc Carline

Much like the St George’s Hall catacomb tours, this is a rare opportunity to see an iconic Liverpool building in a different context. When are you gonna kip alongside dead priests again?

Considering the amazing ways they’ve used the space before, we expect a super sized lullaby light show and nothing less:


There’s also a competition to build the best den which is SOOOO cool, so don’t forget cardboard and whatnot.


Small humans must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is suitably appalled at the thought of sleeping with kids. You should bring: sleeping equipment (Ambien), jammies, scran and a puzzle. It’s recommended you don’t bring valuables, because you can’t trust priests.

By Scousepirational

Despite our scepticism a sleepout in the cathedral would make a cracking family experience, although parents will probably want to crack their skulls against a font by 2am. It’s also a great opportunity to get back to basics by leaving technology at home and making new chums/finding God.

By Scousepirational 

The priest or whoever is in charge recommends everybody raise at least £50. For motivation, there will be a prize for the individual and the group who raises the most money: they will be taken up the rectory better fuckin’ not be given a Bible.

Click here to register.