The Death and Resurrection of Sign Painting

Before you keep scrolling, let us tell you our fave thing about Dave  Wakely: he has a coffin in his bedroom.


Primarily an artist, Dave is a sign painter striving to bring the home made back to our high streets in an era of £world and Home & Bargain. We can’t say we’d ever thought about signage much before meeting Dave, but the man has a point. Since the 1980s when the first self-adhesive vinyl cutters arrived from the US, our high streets have become saturated by cheap and uniform plastic signage that A) looks rubbish and B) looks even more rubbish after a couple of years.

There’s something quaint and sweet in knowing someone has put love and effort into creating something visually pleasing for the customer. Even if the calligraphy isn’t perfect – check out the Egg’s own sandwich board – every time we see that hand drawn logo we feel warm and fuzzy.





Bringing a contemporary edge to traditional principles that is befitting of the resurging appeal of traditional trade skills such as sign painting, Dave is on a mission to recreate the beautiful high street aesthetic that was so widespread in the first part of the 20th century. And of course, being of the post modern era as we are, he can also bring that cool look into your home. Check out his latest door:

‘I love painting doors, they’re portals to another dimension, or the kitchen, same difference.’

His work will be exhibited in our fave bohemian hangout The Egg until May 16th, and it’s proper boss – customers were dead impressed when we went for a look. There’s even a Bowie homage which wouldn’t look out of place in the Jacaranda:


Having practised art in South Wales a lot of his work is inspired by the Welsh culture and language (Wales has a language! That real Welsh people speak! Didn’t know the BossLiv writer is actually Welsh, did ya?) therefore we particularly dig his work.

Occupation Daydreamer 


Curses / Poison is the Dose

Here’s one he dedicated to his marshmallow-loving female:


And just a couple more, ‘cos we couldn’t choose…

Giddy: An Allegory 
Dr. Timothy Leary, Lonely Hearts  (with Special K)

So, get yourselves over there for Liverpool’s second-best cheese on toast (you’re welcome, the Brink) and a gander at Dave’s work. You can commission him to paint pretty much anything, even the lyrics for In Too Deep on your very own coffin.