The Secret Circus – Jungle Fever!

When: Thursday, 7th July

Where: Studio 2, Parr St

How much: £5

As you should know by now, The Secret Circus is our absolute favourite event in the city. A monthly pick ‘n’ mix of the best entertainment Liverpool has to offer, it’s so much more than a cabaret thanks to organisers/hosts Chanel and Eve who are a scream in their own right.

The Secret Circus is so great, word of it has literally transcended oceans – the show has not only made its way to London, it has even been on its jollies to Los Angeles!

Eve & Chanel

On Thursday the Circus comes one last time to Liverpool before taking the show on the road over summer to the Edinburgh Fringe.

This month’s theme is Jungle Fever, and guests can expect animal burlesque (x 4. 4!!!), comedy, magic, story, blockhead, music, poetry/character and dance.


Scarlett Adelaide really, really likes rabbits (hur hur). Compulsory shout out to her baby Heisenberg!

In keeping with the season of getting your kit off there’s even more burlesque than usual which suits us just fine, thank you very much. We aren’t sure what a blockhead is, but with a performer named Smashlyn Monroe we’re already content.

Fancy dress is encouraged (even the raccoon tail butt plug is fine, probably).

See you there!