Murder mystery week at Fonseca’s

When: 8th and 9th of July
Where: Fonseca’s, Stanley St
How much: £29.95pp
 Set in prohibition Liverpool, the biggest mobster in town is quietly murdered in  Fonseca’s basement. Over the duration of a three course meal, guests are dared to solve the mystery whilst also looking fabulous having embraced the gangster and moll theme.
The event is a join venture between local comedy legends the Legion of Doom who recently parted ways in pursuit of their respective alter egos: Rob Bond as teller of terrifying tales Thaddeus Bent, and Lee Hithersay as Terry Arlarse, Liverpool’s most eloquent scally.
The Legion of Doom by AB Photography

Completing the threesome is world renowned burlesque artist  Velma Von Bon Bon AKA Gemma Bond who is glamorous, hilarious and smoking hot in equal measures.

Guests will receive a “bathtub” gin on arrival, which hopefully means a bathtub full of gin and Velma the Legion of Doom boys in it.
Then you’ll be fed on a 1920s inspired speakeasy menu consisting of crab croquettes with spicy dipping sauce, chicken à la king with noodles and sourdough, and “peaches and cream”.
 Just so we’re clear – BossLiv hasn’t been asked to endorse this venture. We’ve learned for ourselves that Fonseca’s is a sound venue serving boss food (they even made vegan scran not seem terrible for a pal’s wedding).
 We also believe that the performers are top notch. In fact, they’re so good at what they do, another mate got star struck in Café Nero and uttered in awe, ‘it’s Thaddeus Bent’.
 Basically, you aren’t going to find a better murder mystery short of hosting your own dinner party and slipping something into the “peaches and cream” yourself.
 To book email or call 01512550808. G’wed.


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