Review: Koop & Yard Bird

We hadn’t intended on checking out Koop on Bold St, formerly Chez le Coq (hur hur, Coq). Skimming over the outside menu, we exclaimed ‘£4 for a burger? We’re suspicious…’

At this precise moment, the manager burst through the door and made a passionate speech about how all food was prepared fresh on site, assuring that its quality would be second to none.

First we chose milkshakes from the extensive menu. We went for ‘The Koop’, a banana and Ferrero Rocher concoction, whilst our pal had ‘The Teaser’ made of Malteasers.


Considering we aren’t big milkshake fans, we were blown away. Every shake is made with homemade ice cream, so at £3.50 each they were reasonably priced. We also ate our first ever banana (yes, really) so it was a momentous moment we will cherish for our autobiography.


We both went for the ‘Dust up’ burger, having been reassured that a portion of fries would be plenty between us.


Although the fries were fab, the staff hadn’t anticipated the size of our lard arses. This £4 burger may not be as substantial as the more attention-seeking £8 masterpieces on the block, but if you’re only after a quick lunch this’ll do the trick. Otherwise, get a couple of sides to fill you right up. If we went back we’d probably swap the burger for a wrap, too.

It’s also worth noting that their speciality is chicken wings, so they’re surely a good bet if you pop in. Boned or filleted, they come in a selection of seasoning ranging from garlic & parmesan to Oriental Express.

There’s also a good selection of vegetarian options and the sweet potato and organic quinoa salad looks pretty snazzy.

What we probably should have ordered

Now, our plan was to wander around the city with full bellies and a thirst for adventure. However, by the time we reached the Bombed Out Church we were still peckish. Having had a boss previous experience, we headed to Yard Bird on Berry St.

We’ve had the Salt n Peppa ‘chips n gravy’ (large, £4) before and they’re unreal. Like, sososo good and the portion size is plenty to share. The gravy is out of this world and the chips have just the right amount of kick.


And then there was the chocolate peanut butter donut, just to make sure we really were full. We were devastated they’d run out of the grapefruit, Campari and lemon zest option, but ours was warm and sticky, just the way a fresh donut should be.


There are some other interesting options on the menu, like the Buffalo fried Cauliflower florets with blue cheese (£3.50). The red cabbage, raisin and pine nut slaw (£2 small) sounds to die for, and there’s also fried chicken with biscuits & gravy (£7) which we’re keen to try so we can establish what the heeellacious an American biscuit is, finally.

You can check out the entire menu here.

As it was, our bellies were too full for an adventure, but we sure did enjoy our food comas.

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